Crystal Ball Advertising Rates

The Crystal Ball is published ten times per year (combined issues for Nov/Dec and Jun/Jul) and is sent to all active members of NCC. This is an ideal way to reach serious collectors of Cambridge glass. Advertising is open to both members and non-members of NCC. If you have Cambridge glass for sale, this is an ideal place for your advertising, as you'll surely find an appreciative audience.

Display Advertising (camera ready):
Full Page    -    $50.00
3/4 Page    -    $40.00
1/2 Page    -    $30.00
1/4 Page    -    $20.00
1/8 Page    -    $15.00
Classified Advertising:
10 cents per word, $2.00 minimum.
(abbreviations and initials count as words)
Member households get one free 20-word classified ad per year
Dealer Directory:
$24.00 for twelve-month contract.
Text limited by standard box size (2" x 1 1/8")
Includes FREE listing on NCC web site.

Terms and Conditions:

Payment in full must be received before advertising will be run.
Cambridge Crystal Ball and National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. assumes no
responsibility for items advertised and will not be responsible for errors
in price, description or other information.
Advertising copy may be submitted to us by email or regular mail as follows:

Ad copy may be sent by email to and must be sent
by the 10th of the month   preceding  publication.
(for example: by May 10 for the June issue)
Ad copy may be sent by regular mail, along with your check, to
the PO Box listed below. Copy sent this way must arrive at the PO Box
by the FIRST of the month   preceding  publication.

Checks must be made payable to:   NCC, Inc.   and sent to:

The Crystal Ball
P.O. Box 416
Cambridge, OH 43725
[The above email address is ONLY for advertising business.
To contact NCC, please use the contact form.]