Flood of 1998 - Slide Show

This page features a slide show of photographs from the devastating flood of June 1998, which effectively destroyed the original National Museum of Cambridge Glass. The photographs came from the August and September 1998 issues of the Crystal Ball. There were several articles written about the flood, and there simply were too many photographs to include with the articles, so they are instead provided herein.

Appropriately, we'll begin with a photograph of the original National Museum of Cambridge Glass. This museum was built mainly by NCC volunteer members, expanded a couple of times, again mostly by volunteer labor, and housed the NCC's exhibits from 1982 until the floods documented herein. It was not only a monument to the Cambridge Glass Company, but to the vision and efforts of the early members of NCC. The organization went from its beginning in 1973 to having over 1,000 members by the time the museum was dedicated only nine years later. By 1985, only three years after it was dedicated, the mortgage had been paid off on the building and land. Quite an accomplishment, to say the least.

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