2017 Auction - Group Photographs

The 2017 Auction is history. Here are the Final Results in PDF® format. Note that this list only shows item number and resulting high bid. You will need the 2017 Auction Catalog to match item number with results.

The total sales for the 2017 Auction amounted to $37,997.50, and of that, the NCC Museum realized $8,871.50. The highest item sold was item #106, the Carmen Seashell Flower or Fruit Center 10" Flying Lady which went for $1,700.00. The most spirited item and surprising was Item #291, the Royal Blue Statuesque Cigarette Holder with Ash Tray Foot, ending at a whopping $1,250.00.

Below, you will find thumbnail images of various groups of items that were featured in the 2017 All-Cambridge auction. Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger image.

The Miami Valley Study Group has once again provided photographs of nearly all of the individual auction lots. Here is a link to their album of individual photos of 2017 auction items. Our thanks go out to Dave Rankin and the MVSG for their efforts. Be sure to check out the MVSG web site, as it contains much information on Cambridge glass that won't be found here, or anywhere else on the web.

Candlesticks Group Figurals group Forest Green Group
Gold Decorated items Cambridge Jugs Rose Point  Group
Statuesque Group 1 Statuesque Group 2 Swan Group
  Vases Group