N. C. C. Officers 2016 - 2017
President David Ray
Vice- President Doug Ingraham
Secretary Sharon Miller
Treasurer Millie Loucks
Sergeant-At-Arms Larry Everett


N. C. C. Board of Directors 2016 - 2017
Cindy Arent Millie Loucks
Julie Buffenbarger Freeman Moore
Larry Everett Sharon Miller
David Ray Ken Filippini
Lynn Welker Rick Jones
Doug Ingraham Lindy Thaxton


N. C. C. Board Committees 2016 - 2017
Director of Strategic Planning Ken Filippini
Director of Human Resources David Ray
Endowment Committee Doug Ingraham, Chair


Member Services
Vice President Rick Jones  
Member Relations Freeman Moore Membership Database Administrator
Convention Rick Jones Convention Director
Digital Media Alex Citron Manager, Facebook Operations
Study Groups Jeannie Moore Study Group Coordinator
Glass Dash Managers Larry Everett &
Frank Wollenhaupt
Vice President Julie Buffenbarger  
Campaigns Ken & Jane Filippini Annual Fund Directors
  Ken Filippini Director, Heritage Society
Projects Carl Beynon Jewelry Project Manager
  Will & Bev Accord Auction Managers
  Lynn Welker Auction Manager
Publicity Jonathan Fuhrman  


Vice President Larry Everett  
Publications Mark Nye Director of Publications
Crystal Ball Freeman Moore Executive Editor
Research Mark Nye Archivist
Programming Greg Vass Director of Programming
Media Productions David Rankin Director of Media Productions


Vice President Cindy Arent  
Public Operations Julie Davey Docent
  Sandy Rohrbough Docent
  Betty Sivard Docent
  Sandy Bridwell-Walker Docent
  Gary Wiseman Docent
Facilities & Grounds Carl Beynon Director of Facilities
Collections Lynn Welker Director of Collections
Merchandise Sales Lynn Welker Gift Shop Manager
  Cindy Arent Gift Shop Manager
NCC History Mark Nye Archivist
Community Relations Cindy Arent  
Vice President Millie Loucks  
Accounting & Finance Lisa Neilson Office Manager
Risk Management (vacant)  
Payroll (vacant)  
Information Technology David Adams Webmaster
Legal (vacant)