2021 Convention - June 25-26



We had to cancel this year's NCC Convention due to the pandemic. Plans and commitments must be made months in advance, and conditions were simply not stable enough at the time those commitments were due.

So, what do we do? The answer: a Virtual Convention - well, sort of ...

The board has come up with three ZOOM sessions on the three consecutive nights when the Convention would have been held in Cambridge. The first will be the ZOOM and Tell session on "Moonlight and Willow Blue" that is normally held on the third Thursday, but this month it is the opening session of our Virtual Convention (Thursday, June 24, 8:00pm EST).

The second session, the following night, will be the Annual Meeting of NCC. Each of the committees will provide reports on what they are currently doing, and what they are planning. In addition, the results of the election of officers will be announced. (Friday, June 25, 7:30pm EST).

Finally, on Saturday night, we normally have a banquet to close out the Convention. The tradition is to bring a favorite Cambridge stem to use with your favorite beverage. So the ZOOM session allows us to get together and show off our favorite stem in an informal "bring and brag" mode. (Saturday, June 26, 7:30pm EST).

Here is the ZOOM link for all of these meetings. For those who can't use the link, here is the information:
      Meeting ID: 928 7737 4137
      Passcode: 368254
Welcome to the first Virtual Convention. Next year we'll celebrate in Cambridge with a traditional in-person variety.

Cancellation Notice

At the meeting on March 14, the Board of Directors reluctantly made the decision to cancel this year's Convention. The board has to make commitments ahead of time for the facility, caterer, displays, dealers, etc., and with the uncertainty surrounding the COVID situation, it seemed the best decision to cancel. This was also done in consideration of our dealers having to travel from many different places, plus the attendees also having to travel. We all hope that the restrictions that are in effect will lessen the spread of the virus and that the country will return to "normal" very soon.



Most events are held either at the National Museum of Cambridge Glass or the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center. It is located at:
Pritchard-Laughlin Civic Center
7033 Glenn Highway
Cambridge, OH 43725

Just pop that address in your GPS or follow the directions in the section below on directions.

Directions to Pritchard-Laughlin Civic Center

The directions to the Pritchard-Laughlin Civic Center are quite simple. To get there, take exit 176 off I-70, follow the road to where it comes to a "T" with US 40, turn right for about a quarter of a mile. The Pritchard-Laughlin Civic Center will be on your left. Here is a basic map to the Civic Center.

Glass Dash

Admission to the Glass Dash depends upon when you arrive. For the first hour (beginning at 7:00 AM), the early bird admission is $10.00, while those arriving after 8:30 AM pay only $5.00. St. Benedict's Gymnasium is located at 701 Steubenville Ave in Cambridge, Ohio (see map).

If you are interested in setting up as a dealer at the Glass Dash, contact Larry Everett or Frank Wollenhaupt.

Area Hotels

Once again this year, our Host Hotel will be the Comfort Inn with a nightly rate of $79. If you prefer, there is a Sleep Inn next door. It is a sister hotel and offers the same $79 rate. Just say you want the Cambridge Glass Collectors rate. For the list of other area hotels, just click here. We also understand that the Hampton Inn also has a new Cambridge Glass rate. Make sure to ask for it.